Accessibility Policy

Our Commitment

Dental Image Therapy Centres is committed to complying with the Accessibility Standard for Customer Service under The Accessibility for Manitobans Act and providing services in a manner which respects the dignity and independence of all persons, including people with disabilities.

Dental Image Therapy Centres will ensure training is provided to all staff to support them in meeting the needs of our patients and guests with disabilities.

If a barrier to accessing our services cannot be removed, we seek to provide alternate ways to access our services. Dental Image Therapy Centres commits to ensuring patients and guests are only required to identify they need an accommodation due to a disability and are not asked for details of their disability unless relevant to the treatment they are receiving.

This policy applies to all employees, contractors, managers and practice owners.

Meeting Communication Needs

Dental Image Therapy Centres will meet the communication needs of our patients and guests by:

Accommodating Assistive Devices

Patients or guests may use their own assistive devices when accessing Dental Image Therapy Centres’ services or premises. We will not touch or move a patient or guest’s assistive devices without permission. Employees are trained in how to use the assistive devices Dental Image Therapy Centres provides, which include:

In cases where the patient’s assistive device presents significant and unavoidable health or safety concerns, Dental Image Therapy Centres will attempt to use other measures to ensure that the person can have meaningful access.

Welcoming Support Persons

Dental Image Therapy Centres welcomes support persons and will make space available so the patient or guest has access to their support person at all times. Dental Image Therapy Centres employees will always address the patient or guest directly unless requested by the patient or guest to do otherwise.

If confidential health information may be discussed, Dental Image Therapy Centres will obtain the patient’s verbal or written consent to have that discussion in the presence of the support person. As per PHIA guidelines, verbal consent to share health information with a support person will be noted in the patient’s file.

Service Animals

Dental Image Therapy Centres allows service animals on our premises. Service animals may be identified by its harness or vest and the assistance the animal is providing to a patient or guest.

If Dental Image Therapy Centres staff have concerns, they may ask the patient or guest if the animal has been trained with disability-related needs, however, staff will not inquire about the disability. If Dental Image Therapy Centres has identified a restricted area where service animals are not allowed due to sterilization or infection prevention control, (Dental Office) staff will explain why the service animal cannot enter the space and discuss an alternative manner of delivering treatment to the patient.

Dental Image Therapy Centres understands that service animals are working animals and not pets. A patient or guest who is accompanied by a service animal is responsible for maintaining control of the animal at all times and may be asked to leave the office if the animal is not being controlled or is misbehaving.

Maintaining Accessibility Features

To ensure barrier-free access to our services, Dental Image Therapy Centres maintains accessibility features so they can be used as intended. Our accessibility features include:

Notice of Service Disruptions

If Dental Image Therapy Centres ability to provide accessibility features is disrupted, we will provide notice of that disruption including the reason for the disruption, the anticipated duration and whether there are other ways to access our services.

This notice will be provided by:

Notice of Service Disruptions

Dental Image Therapy Centres welcomes feedback on the accessibility of our services. Patients and others affected by Dental Image Therapy Centres accessibility features and practices are encouraged to provide feedback so barriers can be identified and concerns responded to.

If feedback that requires Dental Image Therapy Centres to follow up is received, the patient or guest will be advised that their request is being reviewed, when they can expect a response, and what, if any action will be taken in response. Any communication needs of the individual will be respected in these responses. Actions taken in response to feedback will be documented by Dental Image Therapy Centres.

Dental Image Therapy Centres invites feedback in the following ways:

Note: Once staff have been trained, information on your feedback process should be available at the reception desk and/or included on the website.