Your First Appointment

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What you can expect from your first visit at Dental Image Therapy Centre

Your first visit to Dental Image Therapy Centres is what we like to call a complete getting-to-know-you assessment. We value the relationship we have with our patients and want to get to know who you are before we do any work. It will take about an hour and will include an examination of your head, neck and mouth. This gives us an in-depth knowledge of what needs your regular dental visits may require, and where we can work together to build you a better smile.

Your dentist appointment will include:

Your dentist will also do a:

At the conclusion of your first visit, you should have a very good understanding of the current status of your dental health. Your dentist will review your treatment needs, priorities and options with you and answer any questions that you may have. Your input is crucial for developing a plan that will work for you. Long term success requires your desire to be healthy and to follow through to meet the goals that we set together. Before you go, we will schedule your hygiene program and provide you with a summary of your examination including a review of your treatment options and the financial costs associated with them. We want to make sure you are comfortable in our office and that we are working together towards your dental goals.