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Lois B

Garden City

I felt completely safe and comfortable at Dental Image this morning. Everyone was so gracious and Cathy is the best hygienist, for me!! She's just got that magic touch, and after having missed my previous appointment, my teeth feel amazing. Thank you all for your efforts to keep us out of harm's way as we receive your exceptional ongoing service.

Cheryl L

St. Vital

I was there yesterday morning with my daughter Julianne who unexpectedly had to have her two front adult teeth rebuilt after breaking them off. She did not make it easy for Dr. DiMarco and the hygienist as she was quite scared. I truly appreciate their patience, empathy, pep talk and quick, efficient work to get it done (once she let them). Her new teeth are really beautiful and so well done. Julianne is much better now and loves her smile and actually thinks she'll better handle visiting the dentist again. Thank you again. Sincerely, Cheryl

Lynne K

Garden City

To all the wonderful staff, I would just like to take this opportunity to express a huge thank you to all of the staff at your office. I had avoided my teeth care for many years due to an unpleasant experience as a child. Dr. Stella Korowski and her assistant were so patient and caring during my visit on Tuesday, August 4th. Thank you again and see you soon!

Janice B

St. Vital

Dr. McManus is, in my opinion, the best dentist around, hands down!!! He is gentle, makes sure I’m pain free, and extremely competent!!