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January 15, 2021

Q: Are dental treatments safe during pregnancy?

Pregnant woman's belly

Yes, dental treatments can be provided anytime during pregnancy. Your baby’s (or babies’ if you’re having twins or more!) health is important and so is yours. Looking after your dental health during this period in your life is essential and dental procedures can be provided safely and effectively. 

Pregnancy changes your anatomy, physiology and metabolism which leads to changes in your mouth. These make you susceptible to oral infections. Hormonal changes can also cause gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis which is an infection of the bone that holds your teeth in place. 

These risks make it all the more important to visit your dentist during your first trimester to get your oral health checked, and your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist. You can schedule any elective dental treatments such as cavity fillings, tooth extraction and a root canal on your second trimester, which is from months four and six of your pregnancy. 

Visiting the dentist may be daunting for some pregnant women. Remember that these treatments are for disease control and will help prevent any dental problems that may arise later during your pregnancy and postpartum.

Practicing good oral hygiene is key to having good dental health. Don’t forget to floss daily, brush your teeth twice a day and drink water to stay hydrated. 

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Keep in mind that each pregnancy is different so treatments will vary per person. Some pregnant women may need more dental work than others while some may only need cleaning and regular check-ups. Make sure that you tell your dentist that you are pregnant so they can better prepare for your visit.

Request an appointment at one of the Dental Image Therapy Centres if you’re not sure where to start. We can schedule you for a dental check-up with one of our friendly Winnipeg dentists and they can answer any questions and concerns you may have. Our clinics are conveniently located at St. Vital Centre and Garden City Mall. We are equipped with both the technology and professional expertise to give you the best possible dental care during your pregnancy. 

What To Expect During Your Appointment

One of the many changes your body goes through when pregnant is your sensitivity to taste, smell and temperature. These sensitivities can cause you to feel nauseous. We recommend eating a snack with protein and complex carbohydrates and stay well-hydrated before your appointment. 

We will try to keep your dental treatments as short as possible, and we’ll schedule any extensive elective procedures after your delivery. 

Here’s what you can expect on your visit:

  • Anesthetics: We may use anesthetics depending on the treatment that needs to be done. The anesthetics that we will use are safe for you and your baby. 
  • X-ray: We will do an x-ray only when necessary. X-rays are safe for pregnant women and we will use a lead apron to cover and protect your abdomen. 
  • Medications: We may prescribe pregnancy-safe medications as needed. Make sure to advise your dentist of any current medications you are taking. 
  • Consultation with your obstetrician: This is not needed for patients who have normal and healthy pregnancies. For high-risk patients which includes any pregnancy complications, we will consult with your obstetrician before your treatment.
  • Care and Safety: Our team of top-notch dentists and dental hygienists will do everything in our power to keep you and your baby safe and well taken care off during your appointment.  

Emergency Care

Dental infection and swelling is possible anytime during your pregnancy and we strongly recommend seeking immediate treatment as soon as possible if this happens. This will help with pain relief and infection control. 

If you need to get an emergency treatment done, our dentists at Dental Image Therapy Centres will contact your obstetrician of your condition.

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