Ask a Dentist

July 7, 2020

Q: Can Dental Image Therapy Centres Help Me Get My Kids Used To The Dentist?

Some kids get nervous before coming to the dentist. We can have a bad rep, but we think it’s a bad rap.

Both of our Winnipeg dental clinics work hard to make sure your whole family feels comfortable and safe at your dental appointment. We find that if you introduce children to the dentist early, they tend to be more at ease with check ups throughout their lives.

Here are a few other things that you can do to help your kids stay calm and even get excited about going to the dentist. 

Make oral care fun

Brushing and flossing regularly is super important. Starting a proper oral health routine young and encouraging brushing and flossing can make a huge difference when going to the dentist. Having dental tools in their mouth can be uncomfortable but less scary if they’re already used to using a toothbrush and understand flossing. For some tips on making brushing fun, check out our previous Ask A Dentist post <link>.

If your child is too young to brush and floss themselves make sure you help them. If they’re still a baby, use a clean, damp towel to rub along the gums - getting them clean and used to that brushing feeling.

Bring them in for a visit

You don’t need to book a cleaning appointment to come in for a visit. We’re open to talking to your children about dental hygiene and showing them the tools that we use. Knowing what going to the dentist is like without worrying about getting dental work can calm the nerves. We’ll talk about the importance of oral health, answer any questions and just get them used to sitting in a dental chair.

It can take a few visits to really get used to going to the dentist, that’s okay, we’re patient with our patients. 

The important thing is to help young children understand that it’s no big deal. Visiting the dentist is just something you need to do and it’s a friendly experience. 

Be positive - they’ll pick up your emotions

We understand if you’re scared of the dentist. It’s a common fear but your kids will pick up on it. If you’re saying that you’re scared and it hurts they will believe you and will be less likely to want to go to the dentist or have their teeth looked at at all. Try to use encouraging words and actions, tell them how good it feels to have clean teeth.

Give us a call today to start your kids on their oral health journey and get them used to visiting the dentist. Their teeth will thank you for it.