Ask a Dentist

May 14, 2020

Dental visits - How often should I visit the dentist.

South Winnipeg Dental Clinic, every six months

Q: Dental visits: Why is it recommended to see a dentist every six months?A: Regularly scheduled dental visits allow your oral hygienist and dentist to keep track of the health of your teeth and gums - plus we enjoy seeing you and catching up!We can assess your oral health, monitor any troublesome areas, and answer any questions you may have since your last visit.The time between your visits will depend on your needs. This usually means every six months, however there are some times when we will ask to see you more often if you require extra care for your teeth and gums, if you have developing problems that need to be checked and treated, or if your mouth builds tartar quicker than the average person. The Canadian Dental Association recommends regular dental visits as one of the Five Steps to a Healthy Mouth. When you follow these five steps you ensure that you have a happy, healthy mouth for life. Schedule your next appointment at our Garden City and St. Vital clinics today.