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May 14, 2020

Do at-home whitening kits work? - Ask a Dentist

Q: Do at-home whitening kits work? What’s the best one?A: At-home whitening kits do have the ability to whiten your teeth - but it’s often a process that can take weeks of work and the results may not be as dramatic as you were hoping.The effects are often short term, meaning the process must be repeated frequently in order to maintain the desired shade. Also, using at-home kits improperly can lead to damaged teeth and gums. The enamel can become stripped and the gums may be irritated from leaving the product on too long.Both our locations offer Phillips Zoom! Whitening, a professional whitening treatment that works around issues like sensitivity and stains to provide effective whitening even after just one treatment.Zoom! Also offers a selection of easy-to- use professional at-home kits, meant to maintain and improve the effects of an office treatment over a longer period of time.Come in for a consultation to find out more about Zoom! And how the treatment can work for your smile.