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September 1, 2022

Q: Dr. Deng, How Did You Become A Dentist?

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Dr. Lisa Deng always had positive dental experiences, so the smell of the dental office was a familiar welcome to her. One thing she particularly enjoyed as a child while in the clinic was picking fluoride flavours and getting her teeth polished because they felt extra clean afterward. 

Dr. Deng decided to venture into the dental world when a good friend mentioned how much she enjoyed her job as a hygienist.

“At the time, I didn't know much about dental hygiene and I liked that it was hands-on and that I could help people. I did some research after learning about the profession and I decided to apply. The rest was history,” she said when asked whether she always knew she wanted to be a dental professional.

Road To Becoming A Dentist

Her dental journey officially began in 2014 when she graduated in dental hygiene at the University of Manitoba. As time went on, her passion for dentistry grew and soon, she wanted to learn more about restorative dentistry, so she decided to return to further her education after working for four years as a dental hygienist. 

“It’s truly a rewarding profession where you can make a difference in someone's life,” she says. “I also love that there’s lifelong learning in the dental profession that allows us to continually improve our skills and stimulate our mind.”

Outside of dentistry, Dr. Deng enjoys staying active by practising hot yoga and values spending time with her loved ones. 

Dr. Deng’s Dental Hygiene Tip

Since Dr. Deng has been working in dental hygiene for four years, she knows the importance of regular checkups and cleanings. Regular visits to your dentist not only keep your oral health at its peak but also save you money in the long run. 

Because these appointments are a part of preventative oral care, you can help prevent oral diseases like tooth decay and gum disease, and promote longevity of restorations, which saves you money on treatment costs and procedures. 

For proper teeth maintenance, Dr. Deng advises patients to schedule a general checkup and cleaning every six months to a year. 

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