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November 3, 2023

Five Easy Ways to Get Kids Excited About Flossing

A father and son flossing their teeth

The best way to make sure teeth and gums are healthy is to develop good oral hygiene practices at an early age. One of these is to floss daily. Children that adopt flossing as part of their everyday routine tend to include flossing as part of their nightly and morning hygiene practices into adulthood.

Do you have a hard time getting your children to start flossing? The trick is to make it fun! Have some doubts that that’s possible? Don’t worry, here are five strategies to get kids pumped up about flossing. These strategies make seeing the dentist more pleasant and provide the groundwork for a lifetime of good oral hygiene!

1. The Art of Selecting Kid-Friendly Dental Floss

Choosing a type of floss that is more appealing to children is the first step towards making the activity of flossing fun. This floss has been developed with kid's senses in mind. GUM Crayola, and CocoFloss are some brands that provide a variety of enjoyable flavors, including grape, watermelon, coconut, and even chocolate! They can also come in a bunch of different colours, like neon green! These colours and flavours are meant to make flossing fun and exciting for kids by appealing to their senses.

2. Turn Flossing Into A Game

Children naturally gravitate toward activities that challenge them and offer a sense of achievement. To make flossing engaging, consider turning it into a playful game. You can initiate a friendly flossing race, where the goal is to clean teeth quickly and effectively. Alternatively, introduce a game of "Simon says," taking turns to give flossing commands like "Simon says floss your molars." These games inject an element of competition and excitement into flossing, making it enjoyable and memorable.

3. Introduce Floss Picks For Effective Teeth Cleaning

Traditional floss can be tricky for young children to handle effectively. Floss picks can be a game-changer for little hands. They're designed for easy use, with a pre-stretched floss strand on a small plastic stick. Floss picks can even feature fun shapes and characters, making them that much more fun and interesting, adding excitement to flossing. Letting your child choose their favourite floss pick encourages them to take charge of their oral care, so they’re even more likely to floss willingly.

4. Introduce A Reward System For Consistent Work

Positive reinforcement is a potent motivator for children, making the introduction of a reward system an effective strategy for encouraging regular flossing. The reward can be as simple as a sticker or chart that can be filled out by the kids.

Take it a step further and consider using it to teach your little ones about goal setting. You can set a specific number of stickers gained and then give a small, meaningful reward like a favourite treat or a trip to a park. This approach not only incentivizes consistent flossing but also imparts valuable life skills related to setting and achieving objectives, making the routine both enjoyable and educational. An effective chart example can be found here.

5. Incorporate Imaginative Narratives:

Children have active imaginations that can be harnessed to make even mundane tasks like flossing into exciting adventures. Make flossing time more enjoyable by narrating a short, funny story about heroic miniature flossers. These heroes take on the evil "sugar bugs" and fight for the safety of their teeth. Sharing a story while flossing also helps pass the time, making sure they’re spending enough time on each tooth.

You can get kids excited about flossing by putting these five terrific suggestions into action. These methods will help kids become enthusiastic participants in their daily oral care routine while also laying the groundwork for lifelong good dental hygiene practices. Flossing should become a fun and enjoyable part of their lifelong path towards healthy smiles, and the key to success is keeping a playful and engaging attitude.

If you find you’re still having trouble getting your kids to floss and brush, we’ll work with you to find the best way forward for your tykes. When it comes to scheduling dental appointments for your kids, we want to ensure convenience and flexibility. Our dental clinics in Winnipeg recognize the importance of accommodating busy schedules, including evenings and weekends.

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