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How do I keep my child's teeth healthy? - Winnipeg Dentist in St. Vital and Garden City

Q: My child’s first teeth are starting to grow in and I’m wondering how to keep them healthy. I’ve heard that even milk (breast milk and formula) can be bad for them.A: Unfortunately early childhood tooth decay does exist and is a serious issue. But this shouldn’t steer you away from providing your child with the nutrition found in milk and formula. They help build strong teeth!The problem comes when a child with new teeth has any food, including a bottle of of milk, formula or juice before bed and does not brush. When children graduate to a cup, constantly sipping on these liquids during the day can also harm their teeth and juice should be limited as much as possible. Try to encourage drinking water outside of meal times. Older children should have healthy low sugar snacks such as cheese if they snack before bed. Don't forget to brush before they go to sleep!Your child should have their first dentist appointment when their first tooth comes in OR around their first birthday. We’ll help you develop a routine to keep your child’s teeth and mouth healthy.Schedule a dentist appointment with us at our St. Vital or Garden City dental clinics for you and your child today. We love seeing children and work hard to make them (and you!) comfortable and at ease.