Ask a Dentist

How do I know the tools you’re using in my mouth are clean? Visit our Winnipeg dental offices.

We want to make your dentist appointment as comfortable as possible. Before you enter the office our team follows standard precautions to sterilize our instruments. Our Winnipeg dental clinic staff are highly trained in proper sterilization techniques and take annual continuing education courses to remain updated on current safety standards.Each instrument is handled with care and cleaned using thermal disinfectors, hospital-grade sterilizers and large-capacity ultrasonic baths. The machines are foot operated to keep our hands clean.Let your dentist know if you have any questions about the sterilization and cleaning procedures during your next appointment! We’d be happy to take you behind-the-scenes and show you our state-of-the-art sterilization centres.[embed][/embed]Visit our Winnipeg dental offices today.Schedule an appointment at our St. Vital dental clinic or Garden City dental clinic.