Ask a Dentist

How do I prevent my child from having 'hockey mouth'?

Q: My son is playing hockey this year - what’s the best way to protect his teeth

from any damage on the ice? I don't want him to end up with 'hockey mouth'.

A: We definitely see a few cringe-worthy smiles from hockey players - complete with crooked and missing teeth - so we understand your concern. The best way to protect his smile is to have the right equipment.

1. Mouthguard: This is a must. A mouthguard is placed inside the mouth and fits securely over the teeth to keep them protected from a flying puck. You can find mouthguards for sale at drug stores, however, these one-size-fits-all guards can be bulky and difficult to fit properly.

The best option, is a custom mouth guard created by your dentist. We will examine your mouth and build a personalized mold that forms perfectly to your mouth and protects your teeth. This will ensure a comfortable fit, providing a more favourable experience.

2. Helmet: Believe it or not, helmets are not just meant to protect your head - they also work to protect your face and mouth, especially if they have a face mask.

If your son does have an accident on the ice, and needs emergency dental work, we’re ready to help. Watch the video below to find out more about how we’re committed to keeping smiles intact and getting them back in the game:[embed][/embed]Book your next appointment at our St. Vital or Garden City locations today!