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Is chewing food on one side bad for you? Ask a dentist

Q: I usually just chew food on the right side of my mouth. I don’t have any issues, but heard it can be bad for you. Is that true?A: The short answer is yes. chewing on one side of the mouth can lead to strain, sensitivity and sometimes painful TMD (Temporomandibular disorders). TMD causes uncomfortable clicking and popping in your jaw and in more serious cases can cause the jaw to lock open or shut. In many cases TMD can be managed by wearing a fitted mouthguard, but in some cases surgery is required to relieve the irritating pain.Try to chew with both sides, if possible. If you are experiencing pain when chewing with one side of your mouth, you may have an infection, cavity, cracked tooth, or jaw issues.Come visit one of our Winnipeg dentists at our St. Vital or Garden City clinics today if you are experiencing any pain.Book an appointment