Ask a Dentist

Q: It gets so busy during the holidays, how do I keep up with my oral health?

wooden nutcracker on a pile of walnuts and pine boughs

A: If you’re looking to keep your smile bright this holiday season, here are some tips to keep you from emergency dental visits:

Use a nutcracker

Don’t use your teeth to crack open that tasty nut. Grab one of those nutcrackers instead - they’re not just for decoration. Using a nutcracker can save you a trip to the dentist and a lot of pain.

Choose veggie sticks instead of cookies

We know it’s hard to say no to those tasty holiday treats. When indulging, eat them during or shortly after a meal when saliva production in your mouth is at its highest. Foods like cookies and cakes are also more likely to get stuck between your teeth so remember to floss.

Be picky when picking your holiday candy

Some holiday treats can be very sticky and sweet. Sticky substances cling to tooth enamel and can be difficult to clean off, while others can be very hard. Hard candies have been known to break or chip teeth, so be careful when eating them. As with anything, enjoy those holiday goodies in moderation.

Drink water

Keep hydrated and rinse your mouth regularly by drinking water. Water can help rinse away food particles and bacteria that treats, food and other drinks leave behind. 

Don’t use your teeth to open packages

It’s tempting to want to use your teeth to open up that new toy or take that tag off but please refrain. Using your teeth on packaging can crack or chip them. Give your teeth a break and get a pair of scissors instead.

Stick to your dental routine

The holidays are a busy time, but that doesn’t mean that you should throw your oral hygiene practices away till the New Year. Remember to brush and floss regularly; we even recommend being more diligent than usual and carrying some floss with you - you never know when you’ll be tempted by a goodie and need some extra oral care.

One last tip for the holidays: if you haven’t seen your dentist for a checkup and cleaning in the last six months book an appointment today. Dental Image Therapy Centres has two convenient locations in Winnipeg: St. Vital Centre and Garden City Shopping Centre.

May your holiday be wonderful and your smile be bright.