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My partner has bad breath, how can I subtly help them freshen it up?

Winnipeg dentist and anaesthesiologist Dr. Roland Debrouwere - halloween candy, fresh

Fresh breath can often be a deal breaker. Telling someone they have bad breath can be difficult, because you do not want to hurt their feelings - however bad breath is often an indication of other issues, such as gum disease, so it is important to let your partner know sooner rather than later. Plus, they will likely appreciate the honesty.

If you’re still hoping to be subtle, we recommend letting your partner know some tips you use to avoid bad breath.

For example you can tell them about how you love to floss between every tooth before bed so you wake up with fresh breath. Or you can recommend your favourite antibacterial mouthwash.

Avoiding certain foods highly flavored with garlic, onions, and strong spices can also help to minimize foul smelling breath.

Again, our top recommendation is that you are honest with them, they may not know there is an issue and it could prevent them from incurring more damage.

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