Ask a Dentist

May 14, 2020

My tooth hurts when I’m running. Is that normal?

Tooth pain when you run could actually be a number of things. Here are some of the most common:1. Clenching your teeth. If the pain only occurs when you run, take a minute to assess what your body is doing. Are you clenching your teeth? If so, that could be the cause of the pain. Additionally, if you are not wearing adequate footwear (with enough support for your feet) the impact from your foot hitting the ground could ripple up your body and cause pain. Especially if your teeth are clenched. 2. The early signs of a sinus infection. The roots of your upper teeth are very close to your sinuses. As dentists in Winnipeg (where dust and mould allergies are common) we often receive concerns about an aching tooth that is actually being caused by a sinus infection. 3. A cavity or infected tooth. Inhaling and exhaling while you run could cause pain in an infected tooth. This is because your tooth becomes more sensitive when you have a cavity or infection, as the roots and nerves may be exposed.Book your next appointment with us today at our Garden City and St. Vital dental clinics to help determine the cause of your aching tooth - we’ll be happy to help get you back up to speed!