Ask a Dentist

Q: I wear dentures and clean them regularly, so why do I still have bad breath? I also have red sores on the corners of my mouth.

A: You may have denture stomatitis, which is a type of yeast, thrush or fungus (candida) infection. Inflammation in your gums is one of the symptoms. Your dentist will check for it at your next appointment. Antibiotics and inhaler users have increased risks of getting denture stomatitis. Cleaning your dentures as your dentist prescribes is crucial.Make sure you’ve been taking your dentures out every night. Try to quit smoking, if you are, as it increases your risk of infection. Brush and rinse morning and night. Soak your dentures daily. Use non-abrasive denture cleaners. Avoid using bleach. It’s not healthy for your mouth and may wear down your dentures. If your denture cleaner has chlorhexidine in it, only use it once a week. You may need a new set of dentures every few years. Check with your dentist if your symptoms continue, as they may prescribe medication.Schedule an appointment with one of our dentists today. We're always taking new patients.