Ask a Dentist

Tongue Scraping and Oral Health

Q: I’ve heard people talk about tongue scraping - should I be scraping my tongue when I brush my teeth?

A: Tongue scraping can be a great solution for bad breath since about fifty percent of bad breath is caused by the tongue and brushing with a toothbrush doesn’t really do the trick. Scrapers remove the microorganisms on the tongue, and stop soft plaque from forming on the tongue, leaving you with not only better breath, but also a better ability to taste your food.By investing in a tongue scraper (they’re inexpensive and last longer than toothbrushes), you can build tongue scraping into your oral health routine and help combat bad breath.Tongue scraping is another step in your oral care routine that adds to that clean mouth feeling. Grab a tongue scraper, stick your tongue out, and scrape it back to front at least five times or until you don’t see anymore build-up coming off. Rinse your mouth out with water or mouthwash once you’re done.Been a while since you got your teeth cleaned? Book an appointment at one of our Winnipeg dental clinic locations (Garden City or St. Vital), and we’ll get your smile in tip-top shape.