Ask a Dentist

What’s the best way to brush my teeth? When I grew up we said “Up like the flowers, down like the rain, sideways like a choo-choo train!” when we were learning to brush our teeth. Is that still the right way to do it?

We love that you remember that jingle and that it helps you stay on track with oral hygiene.

The answer is yes, the first part of the jingle is correct. We advise that you use an extra soft toothbrush to sweep from the gums toward the biting surfaces; however, do not scrub sideways as this can irritate the gums and cause recession (exposing the sensitive root area,) and abrasion of the enamel. The teeth can become sensitive over time.

Gentle brushing with an extra soft toothbrush can prevent trauma to the gums and teeth.

We recommend you brush (and floss!) twice a day – when you wake up and before bed – to maintain optimal oral health.

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