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May 17, 2024

Will Tongue and Lip Piercings Affect My Teeth?

A close up profile view of someone with a tongue piercing sticking their tongue out

Dental Image Therapy Centres places an emphasis on education to make sure that our patients are well-informed about their dental health. If you're thinking about getting an oral piercing or already have one, this blog is for you!

We'll explore why we generally advise caution with oral piercings and provide guidance on how to proceed while prioritizing your oral health.

Concerns Regarding Piercings of the Tongue and Mouth

  1. Tooth Erosion: Mouth piercings can erode the protective enamel of your teeth and lead to gum recession. Repeated contact with the piercing can gradually strip away enamel, increasing tooth sensitivity and susceptibility to cavities. Similarly, the continuous rubbing of the piercing against the gums can cause them to recede. This recession exposes tooth roots, creating a favourable environment for bacteria to accumulate and significantly heighten the risk of serious decay. Extensive gum recession can even lead to tooth loss.
  1. Chipping: Mouth piercings can easily come into contact with your teeth during everyday activities like eating or speaking. This frequent contact can lead to chipping or cracking, particularly if your enamel is already compromised. When a tooth is chipped or cracked, it exposes the sensitive inner layers, and in some cases, the damage may reach the nerve, requiring root canal therapy to repair.
  1. Infection: The mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria, and oral piercings can increase the risk of tooth infection. Not getting an infected piercing treated can cause swelling, pain, and other health problems.


If you’re still considering a mouth piercing, here are a few things we suggest:

  • Consult a dentist who is familiar with your medical and dental history.
  • Do your best to avoid becoming sick by always washing your hands thoroughly.
  • The best way to keep an eye on your gum and tooth health is to visit your hygienist regularly.  
  • Brush, floss and rinse after eating or drinking acidic and/or sugary beverages.  
  • Rinse your mouth regularly (even if it’s with water) to wash away bacteria.
  • Bite carefully and be conscious of where the piercing is hitting your teeth and gum lines.

We value your individuality through piercings, but as dental professionals, your oral and general health are our top concerns. At Dental Image Therapy Centres, we encourage anybody with or thinking about getting an oral piercing to schedule an appointment.


Please feel free to contact us at either our Garden City or St. Vital clinics in Winnipeg with any questions or to arrange a consultation!

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