Ask a Dentist

May 14, 2020

Q: Are there apps to help with dental health care?

hands, manicured and a watch on, holding a smart phone

A: Several dental care apps are available for download: apps with educational and interactive augmented reality features for kids, quick dental reports, tooth brushing timers, dental appointment managers, and even dental health news.

A new app called Brush Monster tracks kid’s brushing through 3D motion analysis. Another kid-friendly app called Bright Smiles, Bright Futures has a 2-minute timer and 5 games about how important dental health care is.

Remember apps are no replacement for regular appointments with your dentist and proper at-home care. Online assistance may give you a misleading answer if you’re not careful. Make sure you’re getting advice from a certified oral care professional, book your appointments through a local dentistry office and confirm with your dentist before accepting outside dental health advice.

If you’re using a dental app, we’d love to talk to you about how you like it and how you use it. Anything that promotes better oral health is positive in our books. Let’s talk next time you visit either of our Winnipeg dental clinic locations (St. Vital Centre and Garden City Shopping Centre).

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