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August 27, 2020

Q: Can grinding my teeth give me a headache?

Young man sitting on the ground holding his head

According to the Bruxism Association in the UK, you’re three times more likely to get headaches if you grind your teeth. Grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw (also called bruxism) can cause facial pain, headaches and wear down your teeth. 

Bruxism can develop from a combination of physical, psychological and genetic issues. Bruxism is commonly due to anxiety, stress, anger or tension and can develop into a coping strategy to deal with these emotions and psychological issues. It can also be a habit developed while concentrating. 

Headaches are the most common ailment cited from people with bruxism. Headaches and other facial pains develop from bruxism because of the tension in the neck and scalp muscles as you clench your teeth. The constant muscle contractions as well as stress and anxiety are triggers for developing tension headaches.

To treat bruxism, Dental Image Therapy Centres will fit you with a mouthguard to keep your bite separated. A mouthguard adds a protective barrier between your teeth and can reduce the damage caused by clenching and grinding. Having a properly fitted mouthguard makes treating bruxism comfortable and attainable. 

If you suffer from headaches caused by bruxism, book an appointment at either of our Winnipeg dental clinics to build a comprehensive treatment plan, made especially for you. 

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