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May 18, 2021

Dr. Bao, Welcome To Dental Image Therapy Centres! What Does Dentistry Mean To You?

Headshot of Dr. Bao.

For Dr. Christopher Bao, going to the dentist has always brought on positive memories. Growing up in Winnipeg, he visited his dental clinic regularly and always found it to be a very interesting experience. 

“It’s funny because my parents used to tell me I wasn’t very good at the dentist, but I remember something completely different,” said Dr. Bao. “I remember once when I was a child, I was sitting in the chair and 20 minutes later, I was done. They gave me a toy at the end, and I was really happy.”

That marked the beginning of his journey into dentistry. As his interest grew, he attended Technical Vocational High School when he was in Grade 11 and acquired hands-on experience in the Dental Technology and Medical Preparation program.

Fast-forward years later to 2021, he joined Dental Image Therapy Centres at our St. Vital Centre location as one of our incredible dentists. We are extremely glad Dr. Bao is on our team. His friendly demeanour always puts people at ease and makes everyone feel comfortable - which is not an easy feat, especially in a dental clinic.

A Walkthrough Of Christopher’s Dental Adventure

Christopher’s professional dental experience is like no other. He graduated with his Bachelor of Science from the University of Winnipeg and then spent four years pursuing a Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the University of Manitoba. He continues his journey in dental academia but instead teaches as a part-time clinical instructor.

After he finished his studies, he had the unique opportunity to go on a dental mission in Peru. There, he met amazing people and provided services to underprivileged communities, something he wishes to do more in the future. 

“When I went to Peru, I saw a lot of cases where parents had no dental education and did not know what was going on in their children’s mouths. This experience taught me how to educate our patients about oral health despite the language barriers.”

Beyond dentistry, Christopher understands the importance of relaxing and staying active. He loves traveling and has been to many countries around the world. Christopher also loves discovering new foods around Winnipeg and supporting local restaurants in his community.

Changing The Perception Of Dentists

“I love helping our patients. I feel a lot of people don’t like the dentist, but I really like helping patients and making them comfortable. I like being personable with them, I am not only here to do my job, but also to connect with people.”

Christopher’s willingness to change how people think of dentists is one of the reasons why he is a great fit for our Winnipeg dental clinics - especially our clinic in St. Vital. 

“For example, when I’m fixing someone’s smile and they open up, it makes me feel good. Because when you give someone back their smile and change the way they perceive and present themselves, it makes me happy to know I helped do that.”

From boosting patients’ confidence to changing their perceptions, Christopher strives to expand his knowledge and expertise in dentistry to offer additional services for patients. He believes there is always something new to learn and hopes to continue to improve his communications skills as well, so patients better understand their dental needs.

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“Everyone at Dental Image Therapy Centres is very nice - both the staff and the patients. I feel everyone is very friendly, and the clinic is well-run. Everyone here is always willing to help and are really receptive.”

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