Ask a Dentist

May 14, 2020

Energy Drinks and Oral Health

Q: I’ve heard drinking energy drinks is bad for your teeth - is that true?

A: Unfortunately, energy drinks do have a negative effect on your teeth. Drinks that have high pH levels should be limited.Energy drinks contain high levels of citric acid, a preservative that lengthens shelf life, which wears down enamel. Enamel cannot be rebuilt once it’s been broken down, so consuming lots of acidic beverages can actually cause permanent damage.Furthermore, research has suggested the danger of energy drinks to child and adolescent development.If you can’t give up your daily energy drink, try diluting it with water or rinsing your mouth with water after drinking it (this works well for coffee and red wine too). Make sure not to brush for at least thirty minutes after consuming an energy drink as the enamel is weakened from the acid during this time.Additionally, sugar in energy drinks can cause tooth decay.If you’re worried about the enamel on your teeth, call us or schedule an appointment online to get some advice from one of our Winnipeg dentists.