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April 26, 2024

How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

A rendering of a drill going through a tooth. The teeth are transparent to show the drill reaching all the way down the tooth.

Giving you the tools to maintain a bright, healthy smile at home is our goal, but sometimes dental issues arise that require professional care. At Dental Image Therapy Centres, we're committed to preserving your beautiful and healthy smile through effective treatments like root canals.

A root canal is a procedure designed to save your natural tooth and alleviate pain. Typically, a root canal only takes about 60–90 minutes, depending on the specific tooth and condition, making it a worthwhile investment to prevent further dental issues.

Understanding Root Canals

Root canal therapy treats a tooth with infected or inflamed pulp, the innermost part of the tooth containing nerves and blood vessels. Infection or inflammation can lead to severe pain, making treatment necessary.

What Causes Pulp Infection?

Infections can occur through untreated cavities that reach the pulp, cracks in the tooth, or other dental injuries. These situations allow bacteria to invade and infect the pulp, necessitating a root canal.

How do I Recognize the Need for a Root Canal?

Signs that may indicate the need for a root canal include persistent pain, gum swelling, sensitivity to temperatures, or visible damage to the tooth. Regular dental check-ups can prevent such conditions from escalating.

The Root Canal Procedure

The process involves numbing the area, placing a rubber dam to isolate the tooth, and carefully removing the infected pulp. The dentist cleans the canal, fills it to prevent further infection, and seals the tooth, often followed by a crown to protect it.

Our team at Dental Image Therapy Centres is here to support you through this process. We aim to make your treatment as comfortable as possible, addressing any concerns and ensuring a smooth recovery.

If you're experiencing dental pain or have been advised to consider a root canal, don't hesitate to contact us at either of our Winnipeg locations.

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