Ask a Dentist

May 14, 2020

Sometimes when I’m working out (specifically sit-ups) my jaw gets tight and ‘clicks.’ Is there something you can do to help me? (TMD pain management)

You’re not alone in this. It sounds like you may be experiencing TMD (temporomandibular disorder) and our team of Winnipeg dentists can help. TMD causes uncomfortable clicking and popping in your jaw and in more serious cases can cause the jaw to lock open or shut. Left untreated, TMD can lead to long term pain and discomfort.In many cases TMD can be managed with at-home treatments such as wearing a fitted mouthguard and doing light jaw exercises. It can also be helped by massage and heat therapy. In some rare cases surgery is required to relieve the irritating pain.We also recommend that you don’t strain your neck or pull on your jaw - so when you’re getting those reps of sit-ups in, you want to make sure you’re not pulling your neck or jaw towards your chest. Schedule an appointment at our St. Vital dental clinic or Garden City dental clinic to find out how you can manage your TMD today.