Ask a Dentist

May 14, 2020

Q: If my child has a sore tooth, when do I know it’s serious enough to take her to the dentist?

A: If your child has a sore tooth, especially one that keeps them awake at night with pain or interferes with chewing, we highly recommend you bring them in for a visit.

Unfortunately, in Canada tooth decay is a common disease, second only to the common cold. While it’s not always an emergency, the pain could indicate a dental problem that could become worse if left untreated.

When your child tells you about the pain: examine their teeth for brown spots or tiny holes (cavities) and look at the gum surrounding the painful area to see if there are any sores or swelling. Having a look around might offer some clues that you can mention to your dentist. If you can not see any evidence of decay but your child still complains of pain, bring them in so that our dentists can check for underlying issues that are not readily visible and treat the discomfort.

Make sure you and your child are following a healthy oral hygiene routine, including brushing and flossing twice a day, avoiding sugary foods, and seeing your dentist regularly. Regular cleanings and check ups can allow us to catch problems before they turn into a painful situation.

Both of our Winnipeg dental clinics are staffed with dentists and dental assistants who love to treat children. We take care to make sure they are comfortable throughout their visit.

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