Ask a Dentist

Q: What’s the best toothpaste to whiten teeth?

A: There is a lot of whitening toothpaste out there with different ways they claim to whiten. Everyone’s preference is different, but to start, here's what you should look for:Hydrogen peroxide is a whitening agent, but it's not good for sensitive teeth. It can be abrasive to some people, especially if you have weak enamel. Look for a seal of approval from the Canadian Dental Association on the toothpaste box. Follow the directions on the product too. Doubling up the dose may weaken your teeth. Four to six weeks of brushing, twice a day, is enough to give you results.

Remember, there’s a difference between extrinsic and intrinsic whitening. You could waste a lot of time trying to whiten the surface of your teeth when deep staining or yellowing is the real issue. Think of your teeth as tarnished spoons. You can wash the food off, but to make it silver again, you need a deeper clean.ZOOM! Whitening is a fast and long-lasting alternative if whitening toothpaste isn’t working for you. Ask your dentist if you’re still unsure. Click here to book a consultation at one of our locations.