Ask a Dentist

May 14, 2020

Sedation Dentistry For Kids

Q: I have a seven-year-old that is very afraid of seeing the dentist and does everything to get out of going. I’ve heard of sedation dentistry for it an option for kids too?

Winnipeg Dentist, mucus

A: Before recommending sedation dentistry for any patient, we do our due diligence and make sure they are a good candidate and talk to them about why they want to pursue this option. Sedation dentistry can be a good option for anxious patients, and some children depending on their medical history and what medications they are on. Many people don’t realize that it’s safe for kids over the age of six.

Patients can be sedated orally via a mask that emits nitrous oxide, or using an I.V. Either method is completely safe and will greatly reduce anxiety and fear in young kids during dental procedures.

To help the process go smoothly, parents need to prepare their child appropriately. No food or water must be consumed hours before sedation, and make sure they wear comfortable clothing.

After the procedure, parents need to closely monitor the child (so no school or daycare for the rest of the day) and only feed them soft foods in the hours immediately following.

With the right method and care, sedation dentistry is a safe and comfortable way for kids to undergo dental procedures. Read more about our sedation methods here and ask one of our Winnipeg dentists if sedation dentistry is the right option for your family.