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Those pink tablets - Ask a Dentist Winnipeg

Q: When I was a kid we had to chew on these pink tablets when we visited the dentist. Why did we do that?Those little detectives are called Plaque Disclosing Tablets and dentists will often use them to uncover the areas you are neglecting when brushing. When you chew on the tablet (or swish around the solution) the dye will turn your plaque bright pink. This helps us physically show you where there is build-up and trouble spots.It’s a great idea to use these at home between regularly scheduled appointments to help develop a good oral hygiene routine. If you have any questions about what makes a good oral hygiene routine, or need any tips on brushing or flossing, we’d be happy to guide you.Schedule an appointment with us at our St. Vital or Garden City location today - we have friendly dentists waiting at both our Winnipeg dental clinics to help you.