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December 15, 2023

Why Curaprox Toothbrushes? Can They Really Make A Difference?

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In a world filled with countless toothbrush options, selecting the right one for your oral care can be overwhelming. If you’re seeking a toothbrush that represents quality, precision and superior cleaning power, Curaprox toothbrushes might just be the perfect fit for you!

The Curaprox Legacy

Originating from the Curaden company, Curaprox stands as a testament to Swiss precision. Renowned for flawless design, the brand has maintained its commitment to excellence since its inception 40 years ago in Degersheim, Switzerland. While the design's integrity remains the same, the manufacturing process has evolved from manual to automated, ensuring consistency and efficiency in the teeth cleaning world.

So, What Sets Curaprox Toothbrushes Apart?

In oral hygiene, the diversity of toothbrushes is abundant, yet not all are crafted with the same level of excellence. The Curaprox toothbrush, whether found in our Garden City, Winnipeg clinic or any other location, has the same high-quality through its premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship.

Here are some benefits:

• Featuring an ergonomic grip and circular bristles that redefine the brushing experience ensuring optimal control and comfort during brushing sessions.

• Unlike conventional toothbrushes with 500 bristles, the Curaprox toothbrush stands out with thousands of circular bristles, delivering a soft and delicate touch for an elevated brushing experience.

• CUREN®  filaments not only ensure a gentle yet highly effective cleaning experience but they also retain their original texture even when wet, absorbing water six times slower than nylon bristles.

• They are made of polyester so the lifespan of a Curaprox toothbrush is much longer than the average – about a year!

• CUREN® bristles possess the ability to mould to dental anatomy without causing damage, even under the strongest pressure.

Which Curaprox brushes do we carry at Dental Images?

Curaprox Smart Toothbrush

• Developed for children over the age of 5.

• Extra small brush head designed for accurate brushing.

• Octagonal handle designed for maintaining the correct brushing angle.

• Incredibly soft, gentle, and effective for both children and adults.

• Free from harmful substances such as bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, or azo dyes.

• Provides specialized brushes with shorter bristles designed for a precise fit around fixed orthodontic brackets, enhancing plaque control for individuals with braces.

Curaprox Toothbrush CS 7600

• Developed for adults.

• While gentle on gums and teeth, Curen®-filaments are extremely hard on plaque, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.

• Prevents brushing damage and efficiently breaks up and removes plaque.

• With a slightly angled compact head, there's no escape for plaque.

If this seems like the toothbrush for you, come by our Garden City dental clinic and get you and your family’s today! We’re located in the Garden City Shopping Centre, so you can even get some errands done (or a bit of fun shopping) at the same time.

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